Quick Eggless Chocolate Cake (with Parle-G biscuits)


If you are looking for a cake recipe that does not require eggs, or baking, and which is also quick, you are at the right place. I come from a family where we do not use egg in cooking due to religious restrictions. One of my friends happened to tell me once about making a cake with Parle-G biscuits. I experimented by adding some more ingredients to it and it turned out to be a perfect Chocolate cake.

Once you have all the ingredients in hand, it takes exactly 7 minutes to make the cake!!

Equipment you will need: Microwave


Parle-G Biscuits (or any other glucose biscuits) – 1 packet (150gm)

Sugar (powdered) – ¾ cup

Cocoa powder – 3 Tbsp.

Milk – 1 ½ cup

Dry fruits (Almonds, dates, raisins) – 1 Tsp. each

Eno Salt (plain) – 1 sachet

Or you can use 1 Tsp. baking powder

Chocolate icing (optional) – As required

Butter – 1 Tsp (for greasing)



1. Grind 150 gm. of Parle-G biscuits (use the Rs.10 packet) to a fine powder.

2. Chop the dry fruits to smaller pieces.

3. Grease a micro wave bowl with a layer of butter in which you wish to make the cake.

4. Cake Mix: In another bowl, add biscuit powder, powdered sugar, cocoa powder, dry fruits, eno salt and mix.

5. Slowly add milk and keep mixing with the help of a fork or a whisk. Ensure that there are no lumps.  Keep mixing till it reaches a pouring consistency like that of a batter.

6. Immediately transfer the cake mix into the greased micro wave bowl and ensure the batters spreads evenly. Cook on high in the microwave for 5 minutes.

Spicy Rasoiwww.spicyrasoi.wordpress.com    IMG_3518

7. To check if the cake is nicely cooked, put a fork through the cake, it should come out clean.

IMG_3529    IMG_3533

8. Un-mould the cake onto a plate.  Once it cools, apply a layer of chocolate icing all around the cake. Decorate with almond flakes.

9. Refrigerate for some time so that it thickens and serve.


Healthy Cooking Tips:

If you want to make a healthy cake, skip the cocoa powder and chocolate icing. Add 2-3 drops of vanilla essence instead. It tastes just yummy as it is!!


20 thoughts on “Quick Eggless Chocolate Cake (with Parle-G biscuits)

    • Hi Shruthi, you can make this cake in a pressure cooker as well. Remove the gasket of the cooker and put the aluminum plate that comes with the cooker at the bottom of the cooker. Heat the empty cooker without whistle on the stove for 5 mins on high. This acts as pre-heating for the oven. Now, place the cake mould (steel/aluminium) on the bottom plate inside the hot cooker and close the lid. Turn the gas to low and bake the cake for 30-40 mins. Then turn off the gas and open the lid after 5 mins. Check with a toothpick if the cake is cooked inside. If not bake for another 5-10 mins.

  1. Hi Manasa, I’m Aishwarya from My Kitchen Moments. I stumbled upon your blog and found this quick eggless microwave chocolate cake recipe. Some time back i tried an eggless microwave chocolate cake. But then, the cake came out in a rubbery form. It didnt have that spongy texture. From seeing your recipe, i think it has come out well. Any idea, why it had that rubbery texture to the cake i made?? Would like to know your opinion…

    • Hi Aishwarya. The cake gets a rubbery texture if either the batter is over mixed or if the cake is baked for a longer time than required in a microwave. Ideally cake gets the best texture if baked in oven…microwave doesnt provide the environment required for the rise of the cake. I made this cake using bisuits which already have all the rising agents added in them. I have had a few bitter experiences with microwave cakes after which i shifted to oven baking !

  2. hi.. do we need to cook this batter on mocro option (High) or bake it on conventional mode by preheating to a certain temperature
    ? please clarify?

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