Yard Long Beans curry/ Alasande Palya/ Karamani Palya

Preparation time: 5 mins

Cooking time: 20 mins

Yard Long beans, (Long podded Cowpea, Chinese beans, Snake beans, Alasande Choda, Chawli)  are slender, 12-20 inch long, light green colored crunchy vegetable that are closely related to the black-eyed peas. These are low calorie high energy food with good amounts of fiber, folates, Vitamin A ,Vitamin C iron, copper, manganese, calcium and magnesium. .

Alasande palya is a traditional Karnataka dish made for special occasions and festivals. Here’s a recipe for making this delicious curry.


Tip: (Remember that Yard long beans cook faster than the usual french beans. You can directly cook them in a pan by sprinkling some water or use a pressure cooker for 1 whistle.)


Yard long beans – 250 gm (Cut into 1 ½ inch pieces)

Oil – 1 Tbsp

Mustard seeds – ½ tsp

Urad Dal – ½ tsp

Dry red chillies – 1 No (cut into pieces)

Turmeric – pinch

Salt – 1 tsp (vary as per taste)

Jaggery – 1 tbsp

Fresh Coconut gratings – 1 Tbsp

Curry leaves – 1 sprig


Dry Masala powder :

Grind the following items into a coarse powder:

Putnalu/Roasted gram dal – 2 Tbsp

Dry coconut – 1 Tbsp (optional)

Mustard seeds – 1/2 tsp

Cumin/Jeera seeds– 1 tsp

Chilli powder – 1 tsp

(can be made in larger quantity and stored. Use for any dry curry)


1. Cut the beans into 1 ½ inch pieces. Wash thoroughly, drain the water and set aside.

2. Heat a pan and add oil. Once oil is hot add mustard seeds, urad dal, chillies.

3. Transfer the beans into the pan. Mix turmeric, salt and cook under cover for 15-20 mins.

4. Keep checking in between and sprinkle water as required till the beans become soft. (Alternatively cook  beans in a pressure cooker for one whistle first and then use)

5. Add jaggery, curry leaves and cook for another 2 mins.

6. Once all the water evaporates, add the 2-3 tbsp of the masala powder and mix. Vary spice level as per taste.

7. Now add fresh coconut gratings, curry leaves, cook for 1 min and turn off.  Serve with steamed rice/roti.

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